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Fastest Way To Get An Emergency Canadian Passport On A Weekend Or Holiday

Have you ever wondered whether it would be possible to get a passport on very short notice over a weekend or a holiday? The answer is that it is completely possible, it’s just more expensive. If you ever need to know for how to get a passport for a spontaneous last minute trip or an emergency, here’s some important info for obtaining your passport as [...]

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Why Our Travel Experiences are Perfect For Your Group

Imagine travelling in a small and intimate group through the German countryside, sipping locally brewed beer on sunny patios that line cobblestone streets. Or, picture yourself watching the sunset while gazing over a Napa Valley vineyard, sampling a fine bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon surrounded by your colleagues.  Our custom tour experiences offer all types [...]

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10 Useful Travel Tips When Traveling to Thailand

Thailand is one of my absolute favorite countries. I was fortunate enough to spend 2 months in this wonderful place and had an awesome time learning the Thai language, local customs and the tricks of the tourist trail. This country is vibrant, tropical and infused with culture. It is filled with luscious landscapes, exotic flavors and […]

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Avoid Identity Theft by protecting the RFID chip in your Passport

  Guest Blogger: Del Miller, the director of Armorblokk ARMORBLOKK is a Canadian consumer security products design firm located in Toronto, Ontario. We are primarily focused on informing and protecting consumers from Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud. ARMORBLOKK design and engineer products that will provide security shielding for credit cards and [...]

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