Honeymoon Checklist

Your honeymoon is like no other holiday you will ever take. It’s a one-of-a-kind journey filled with romance, unforgettable moments; and endless memories to cherish forever.

Your honeymoon is likely to be the most important holiday together.  But, because it is such an important milestone we believe proper planning is required to craft a perfect honeymoon experience, which is exactly the reason we created the Honeymoon Checklist.

We have included Honeymoon ideas, a planning checklist and some great tips from our travel experts.

Top Europe Honeymoon Packages

Spain Delights

Discover the history and beauty of Spain. From the colorful masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona to the breath-taking sights of Seville, Ronda and Cordoba.

from $3,695 CAD

Amalfi Coast Honeymoon

Europe's most desirable and romantic destinations. The exquisite Amalfi Coast is filled with stunning sea views and a sensual blend of both natural and cultural wonders.

from $4,495 CAD

Luxury Mykonos and Santorini

Greece remains one of Europe’s top destinations. Explore and relax in luxury in Santorini and and Mykonos. An unforgettable honeymoon experience!

from $5,395 CAD