How to pick the right African Safari for you

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Did you know that an African safari is the number one travel bucket list experiences!

There’s something so thrilling about getting away from it all to immerse yourself in nature and marvel at the power and beauty of the African wilderness.



Here are a few of the different types of safari out there, each offering a slightly different experience.

Jeep Safari

One of the most popular types is the jeep safari.

Your professional guide will take you through the bush, sharing fascinating insight about the local ecosystem and the animals you see. You can cover a lot of ground in a day in a jeep, so your guide will be able to take you to numerous areas where wildlife are often present.

There are two type of Jeep vehicle experiences – Closed and Open vehicles.  In either case, you will see tons of game, no question there!

Closed vehicles are common in East African Safaris. The same vehicle that you travel in from park to park on the main road is also used for the game drives. This is why they are called “closed” vehicles – open vehicles are not allowed on the main roads.  Open vehicles are able to be used is because you fly from park to park.  You will commonly find them in South Africa, but they are available in certain parts of East Africa.

Closed Vehicles  have windows open and the roof opens for photo and viewing opportunities. Great for different weather conditions (I.e.Rain) and you need coverage.

Open Vehicles have open sides and no roof on top

Walking Safari

A walking safari adventure will allow you to explore on foot, so that you can get more up close and personal with nature on your couple’s adventure in Africa.

While traveling in a jeep may allow you to see more animals, exploring the bush on foot will give you a deeper connection with your surroundings.

It might sound a little scary, but your guide will know exactly where to walk (and what areas to avoid). You’ll get to experience more of the smells and sounds of the bush and see things that you may miss when speeding along in a jeep.

Photo Credit: African Bush Camps

Boat Safari

A boat safari is similar to a jeep safari, except of course it’s on water instead of land!

These types of safaris usually take place on rivers, lakes and marshlands and they are a great way to see species that live in these environments.

You may get a chance to see a sleeping alligator floating by, a beautiful crane catching a fish out of the water or even a hippo going for a swim.

Photo Credit: AndBeyondTravel

Mobile Camp Safari

There are some types of safari camps that are mobile and will pick up and move so that they can be close to where migrating herds of animals are located.

These camps often move every few weeks, to ensure the best wildlife viewing opportunities for their guests.

However, just because they are mobile this doesn’t mean they are not luxurious. These camps will often feature private tents with fine linens and plenty of top notch amenities.

Take a look at this great video of Mobile Camping in Botswana!

Lodge Safari

Unlike a mobile camp, lodges are permanent buildings that are located in one specific spot.

Some of them offer just the basics, but there are other luxurious lodges that offer a restaurant, a games room, superb cuisine, swimming pools, libraries and beautifully designed rooms appointed with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Photo Credit: Kapama Lodge

Which Safari style do you want to try for your next trip? 

Remember there is no right way to enjoy an African safari – it all depends on what type of travel you enjoy.


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