The Best 2019 Honeymoon Adventures

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Still not sure where to travel for your honeymoon?  

If you and your special someone share a love for a good adrenaline rush, here are some great ideas for thrilling activities in five beautiful locations around the world.

South Africa – Swimming with Sharks

If you and your partner have the guts to swim with sharks, South Africa is the place to have this one in a lifetime experience. These powerful, agile and intelligent creatures can be seek at Protea Banks on a shark diving tour. This spot is home to many different species, including Black Tips, Bull Sharks, Tigers, Great Whites, Hammerheads and many more. Another popular place for shark diving is Gansbaai, which is known as the Great White Shark capital of the world.

Costa Rica – Zip Lining

Imagine gliding through the tropical forest canopy, lush green leaves, colourful butterflies and the calls of brightly hued birds all around you. The rainforest of Costa Rica is wild and unspoiled and exploring it via zipline is one of the best ways to see it from all angles. If you are lucky, you might even spot monkeys playing in the treetops.


Thailand – Rappelling Down Waterfalls

In the jungle near Chiang Mai, you and your sweetheart can experience the thrill of rappelling down a rushing waterfall. You’ll be strapped in to a harness and your feet will be gripping the wet rock under the rushing water. It’s an unforgettable experience and a chance to explore the wild and beautiful jungles of Northern Thailand.


The Galapagos – Sea Kayaking

The Galapagos one of the most ecologically diverse locations on the planet and visitors come from all over the world to see the incredible array of wildlife there. From enormous tortoises to eagle rays to sea lions, the best way to see the island’s animal inhabitants up close is to explore the coast on a sea kayak. You’ll have the freedom to check out all of the mangrove estuaries, secret coves and hidden beaches. Just make sure that you get the correct permission from the Galapagos National Park before you head out!

Iceland – Glacier Hiking

Sólheimajökull Glacier is an enormous river of ice that has been creeping along the mountain landscape of Iceland for many millions of years. On a glacier hike you can use your ice axe and crampons to make your way across the frozen surface and through ice caves, with the help of a seasoned guide. It’s a challenging climb, but the stunning vistas are worth the effort.

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Top 5 Honeymoon Adventures
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