Travel Apps To Download Before Your Next Trip

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Travel Apps

It’s an amazing time we live in – there’s an app designed to make almost every situation easier and travel is no exception.

Before you go on your next trip, make sure that you download these handy travel apps. They will make your travels go much more smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy your trip.

1. PackPoint

Provides you with a checklist of travel essentials that you need when packing for your trip. You can simply create a trip profile, with their destination, length of stay and purpose of travel. This great app creates a customized packing and luggage checklist that takes into account whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, the type and amount of clothing to pack based on the weather forecast, and other factors. How cool is that?

Also, this app has a variety of premium features, such as TripIt integration for automatic packing list creation.

2. Google Translate

At times when travelling language barriers can be frustrating, but Google translate has made it easier to communicate while travelling. This app can be used without wifi and it dictates short sentences from one language to another instantly. Simply select an input language and an output language and then either type or dictate your message in your phone. The app does its magic, presenting you with a translated text, or a short synthesized voice message. In addition, visual translation features have just been added, allowing you to translate text and signage with the aid of your camera.

3. XE Currency

XE Currency’s is an excellent currency conversion app. It is everything you’ll ever need when you find yourself in need of prices and exchange rates abroad. The app supports just about every national currency used worldwide, with the ability to track up to ten simultaneously. Rates are regularly updated (you can set the frequency of updates), and best of all, the app stores the rates of currencies you’ve looked up, so that they’re, even available without WiFi or a mobile connection.

4. Uber

The days of taking an expensive cab ride from the airport and having the driver overcharge you because you are a tourist are over. Uber is the easy modern way to get around while you travel. You use the app to request a ride, a local driver accepts your request and you can even watch the driver making their way to you on the GPS map within the app. It’s much cheaper than a taxi and a lot less hassle. Here are some tips for using Uber while you travel.

  • Free, IOS and Android, Uber

5. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most useful travel apps out there. When you have it downloaded on your phone you can type in the location that you want to get to, then receive detailed directions and a map of your route. It will also tell you the estimated time it will take you to get there. If you have a local SIM card with phone data, your progress will update in real time. Also, Google Maps includes the public transit systems of most major cities so that you can see which trains, buses or trams will take you to your destination. You’ll never get lost again.

6. Airline App

Another advantageous app to download is the one that is provided by your airline. Most airlines have their own app these days, such as Lufthansa, Southwest Airlines and Virgin Airlines. These apps usually have a lot of features designed to make your travel experience easier, including online check-ins, real-time flight alerts, in-flight entertainment and much more. The Virgin Airlines app even has a Spotify feature with complementary music playlists.

  • Free, IOS and Android

7. Travefy

This travel app is designed for customized and group travel and it offers a way for everyone involved in the trip to communicate and make sure you are on the same page. I set up my clients to use this app when I have organized their corporate retreats, group adventure trips, destination weddings or any other vacation that they are on.

When you enter your trip information, Travefy will automatically pull key information about your hotel, flights, restaurants and other sightseeing locations into the app. It also offers a group chat feature to talk about the vacation within the app. This is a great way to cut down on the confusion and back and forth emails and texts that always happen when travelling with a group trip.

8. TripIt

TripIt is another great travel app with a lot of handy features. It will allow you to store your important travel information, such as your itineraries and copies of your passports. It will also suggest the best time to leave for the airport according to your location, flight status and the local traffic conditions. If you pay for the subscription ($49 per year) you can unlock premium features such as point tracking, real-time flight alerts and much more.

These are just 8 great travel apps that you should download before your next trip, so that your travels can be easier, simpler and less stressful.  What are your favourite travel apps?


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