Your European Honeymoon, Your Way

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Traveling across Europe offers beautiful architecture, unparalleled history, amazing culture and mouthwatering cuisine.


From famous wines from French vineyards to fresh gelato in Italian villages, you’ll taste more, see more and get closer to authentic local experiences. Sailing along the Cote d’Azur, cycling Tuscany’s serene countryside or browsing German Christmas market stalls – it’s impossible to not be swept up in the sheer romance of the place. Whether it’s your first time or your fifth time, Europe will never fail to amaze you.


5 trip styles we highly recommend you consider when exploring Europe.


1. Cycling

Going on a cycling trip allows you to move through the countryside at your own pace, connecting with the locals, using all of your senses and seeing more than you would from a car or a tour bus. Plus, it’s a great workout and can allow you to justify indulging in the delicious local cuisine. There are many superb cycling tour providers offering self guided, group and customized cycling trips, including Butterfield or Exodus Travels.


2. Sailing

Sailing around the coasts of Europe will allow you to see the continent from a different perspective. Some of the scenes you’ll be rewarded with in the Amalfi Coast or the Mediterranean are incredible. Take a look at some of the sailing trip options, including Ponant and Star Clippers.


3. River Cruises

Not just for retirees anymore – river cruises are a fun and laid back way to travel Europe. Check out the cruises offered by U by Uniworld which cater to a younger (and young of heart) crowd with a martini bar, silent parties and much more.

4. Group Tours

Group Tours offer a lot of advantages. They offer you an affordable approach, they will give you the chance to meet other travelers and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a pre-organized trip that covers all of the highlights. For example, check out the tours offered by G Adventures and Globus Tours.


5. Customize Your Trip

Or, if you can’t decide – why not go on a custom trip that incorporates the elements of your dream travel adventure? This type of trip would be designed for you, including all of your train bookings, car rentals, flights and more.

We can even combine several different types of travel – for example you could enjoy a self guided cycling trip in Tuscany and then yachting experience through the Amalfi Coast.

We can design the ideal trip for you, based on your budget, timeline and preferences.

Fill in our Trip Planning Form and we will start planning your trip right away!



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